Get your favorite bookmarks organized with ButtonBar+

A Safari Extension for Mac or Windows that
helps you organize your bookmarks by creating
extra, highly customizable bookmark bars

  • ButtonBar+ menu
  • ButtonBar+ Preferences Panel
  • ButtonBar+ styles
  • Organizing your bookmarks with ButtonBar+
  • Backup and Restore your bookmarks with ButtonBar+

ButtonBar+ Reviews!

ButtonBar+ is awesome! I love being able to customize my favorite/most-used links in my own private button bar, and the set-up is a breeze. Definitely one of my favorite Safari extensions now.
Steven Goodheart
This is very useful for people with a lot of bookmarks. Thank you!
…I'd just like to say this is the best and most useful safari extension ever and has made my browsing a lot more faster and enjoyable!
Daniel McDonnell


ButtonBar+ demo version

Demo: Free

Add a second customizable bookmarks bar to the Safari Web Browser with room for up to 30 links.

ButtonBar adds an extra bookmarks bar to your browser window

Customize the ButtonBar+ demo by choosing from 3 bar styles and by aligning your links to the left left, to the right or centered.

ButtonBar comes with 3 different styles

The ButtonBar+ demo Preferences Panel enables you to quickly organize your bookmarks. You can control the name of the bookmark, the URL, and categorize your links by adding 'label' colors and dividers.

Organize the bookmarks in your ButtonBar

The full version of ButtonBar+ is now available for FREE!

ButtonBar+ full version

Price: FREE!

Add as many bookmark categories to ButtonBar+ as you require. (Switch between them using the ButtonBar+ menu or the navigation icons).

Create as many ButtonBars as you want, and switch between them using the menu.

Display up to 5 extra bookmark bars and style them individually or globally by choosing from 10 styles, 2 button types & by aligning left, right or centered.
(60 possible combinations).

Use the Preferences Panel to customize the look and feel of your individual ButtonBars

Add new bookmarks directly to each ButtonBar by clicking on the + add icon. You can then use the Preferences Panel to edit your bookmarks, categorize them using colored labels and dividers, reorganize them or delete them.

Add new bookmarks to your ButtonBar using the 'Add' button Organize all your ButtonBar using the Preferences Panel

The Preferences Panel also allows you to control how the bookmark categories appear in the ButtonBar+ menu. You can change the name of the category, change it's icon, display it as a sub-menu & specify whether the links open in a new tab or the current tab.

Backup or restore your bookmarks

The Backup / Restore Panel allows you to save a backup copy of all your bookmark data. You can select to backup all your bookmark bars or only the currently active bookmark bar. You can use this saved data to revert to a previous setup at any time.

Backup or restore your bookmarks

ButtonBar+ Overview

Screencast - ButtonBar & Menu
  • Changing between bookmark bars
  • Creating a new bar & adding bookmarks
  • Reordering the bookmark bars in the menu

The basics of ButtonBar+: learn how to swap between bookmark bars using the menu from the Safari toolbar, learn how to create new bookmark bars and add bookmarks to them, and finally learn how to reorganize the order of the bookmark bars in the menu.

Screencast - ButtonBar Preference Panel
  • Naming & customizing the bars
  • Assigning label colors and dividers
  • Reordering and deleting bookmarks

Customizing ButtonBar+: Rename your bookmark bars, customize and categorize your bookmarks by 'labeling' and grouping them, reorder your bookmarks and delete any unwanted links.

Screencast - ButtonBar Backup and Restore
  • Opening the Backup / Restore panel
  • Restoring ButtonBar+ data from a backup file

Use the Backup / Restore feature to make backups of all your bookmark bars. Data can be restored at any time. You can also use the Backup / Restore panel to import your settings & bookmarks from ButtonBar. (See the help page for more information…)

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